deleting branches by accident (was: Re: GUI comments)

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Thu Apr 16 23:34:24 PDT 1998


The problem is that it is too easy to change/delete branches
(,clients, labels and ...) and it is too hard to do an "undo".

The problem is not so much that you have the right to do these
changes (like deleting branches), but that there is no version 
history on the branches (clients, labels, files at label, ...).

Our workaround for this is to run a cron job every hour.
This cron job checks if any branches, clients, labels, files at label
or jobs have changed. If there is a change the new version is stored as


The "name space"  //depot/system/... is in our installatioin reserved 
for this kind of information. Only the cron jobs store information 
here, but all users have read access. Thus, everyone can re-create a 
deleted branch, or check what the branch view was when we created
some branch, ....

The problem with our workaround is that changes that have existed a 
short time might not have been saved by the cron job.


On Thu, 16 Apr 1998, Jeff Bowles wrote:
> "I agree it's much too simple to delete users, clients etc.
> Some form of protection must be active for those actions.
> For instance, why not simply allow all deleting actions
> (except files) only to the super user?"
> 	Perhaps better to let the "owner" of a particular change/branch
> 	have the ability to delete it.
> 	It's awfully bad to give someone the ability to create a
> 	branch but not to delete the one they made. Doesn't allow for
> 	forgiving typos.
> 	-jab

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