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Fri Apr 17 07:18:53 PDT 1998

My employer (Rogue Wave Software) is seeking to hire a CM engineer.  I've been asked 
to post the vacancy announcement to this list.  For those that may be interested,
Rogue Wave is a great place to work and Corvallis, Oregon is a wonderful place to live!

Jed Irvine
Rogue Wave Software
- ------------------
Configuration Management Engineer - Rogue Wave Software

Send resume to randall at


Responsible for administering and maintaining our current Software Configuration Management
(SCM) system.  In addition, there is potential for growth into developing and enhancing 
our build system. 

Our current SCM system is ClearCase.  We are in the process of evaluating Perforce with the
intent of making Perforce our main SCM system.

Engineering Services Manager


- - Install & upgrade ClearCase on multiple Clients (UNIX and NT).
- - Monitor MultiSite sites to ensure that VOBs are kept up to date.
- - Develop and maintain scripts to enhance SCM usage.
- - Evaluate Perforce to use as SCM system
- - Facilitate transfer to Perforce
- - Maintain and develop scripts to perform nightly builds and tests of our products.
- - Assist in developing best practices policies and procedures.
- - Train new users in the usage of SCM system


- - Experience being CM Engineer for an SCM system.
- - Experience being a Perforce administrator is preferred.
- - Experience being a ClearCase administrator is desired.
- - Experienced with MultiSite implementations.
- - Familiar with general CM principles and practices.
- - Experienced with scripting languages such as Perl, and Korn shell.
- - Knowledgeable of development life cycles and process improvements in general.
- - Must have good communications, documentation, and troubleshooting skills.
- - UNIX system administration skills a plus.
- - Familiarity with C++ and Java a plus.
- - Network and NFS knowledge a plus.


- - Minimum BS in Computer Science or equivalent industry experience.
- - Prefer 2-4 years experience in the computer industry with 1 year configuration management 


Send resume to randall at

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