Re(2): Last-modified timestamp

NickPisarronickp at NickPisarronickp at
Fri Apr 17 05:46:02 PDT 1998

chris.bartz at,Internet writes:
>So, my procedure to fix up the timestamps is:
>- check the file in normally
>- do "p4 change -f" stuff to patch up the timestamp
>- checkpoint the database
>- fixup the timestamps in the checkpoint
>- recover from the fixed up checkpoint.
Ouch! Sounds like a kludge to make any software manager roll over in their
grave! It is doing things like that which is why we have a Y2K problem.

Is the format of the Checkpoint file documented & guaranteed by Perforce
to be invarient?

How about the Client option "modtime". Wouldn't that do it for you?

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