RCS archives compatibility

MarkMcIntoshMark_McIntosh at pml.com MarkMcIntoshMark_McIntosh at pml.com
Fri Apr 17 15:51:07 PDT 1998

We moved to Perforce without importing all of our RCS archives into it.
We considered that to be not worth the time required (didn't even try to
do it). We don't need all the historical revisions in Perforce - it will
always be there in our (read only) RCS archives. This is the advice we
received from Continuus when we were evaluating them. I think that it
makes sense for large pieces of software, especially when you have used
unpredictable branching in the RCS archives.

What we did:
- - pick important snapshots of source from different releases, e.g.
production releases, last releases to Test, latest work
- - make sure releases that we want to support in future are represented
in that list
- - lay out all the source code on disk in different directories
- - begin to create the production release and other release branches in
- - finally layout the mainline working branch with the most recent work
(we used just the latest revision)
- - we established a branch relationship between the mainline working
branch and the production releases and told Perforce that they were
up-to-date as far as integrates are concerned ("p4 resolve -ay")
- - we made the first revision on the mainline working branch contain the
RCS "rlog" output for that file, not the real file; so someone in
Perforce can print the revision #1 of any file and, if it existed in
RCS, view the RCS revision history without returning to using "rlog"

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From: Phil Wilson [mailto:phil at autologue.com]
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I am  in the process of doing this, but it SURE isn't painless...Using
rcstoperf script helps, but there are some problems.

	1. Every change to every file is considered a single changelist.
	2. Files MUST not be in a RCS/ subdirectory.
	3. Branches are not handled at all. You end up only with the
head revision.
	4. Files beginning with '.' are not handled.
	5. Files that aren't under RCS control get stored into the
repository, but
you cannot retrieve them through perforce. This is because it COPIES the
source directory to the perforce depot.
	6. The default changelist starts at 1. If you are uploading
you must remember to do:
		p4 counters
		rcstoperf -next <counters+1> ...

All in all, this shouldn't stop you (it hasn't for us), but making
work right will take a lot of work up front.

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> From: Jorge A. Handl [mailto:jhandl at mecon.ar]
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> Subject: RCS archives compatibility
> Hi!
> I am considering the purchase of Perforce, and I wonder if
> I will be able to convert my current RCS repository. I know
> Perforce uses the RCS format, but what about the additional
> info it stores in its relational database?
> Anybody had to do something like that?
> Thanks!
> Jorge A. Handl
> jhandl at mecon.ar

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