P4DB - new version (again)

FredricFredricsonFredric.Fredriksson at mydata.se FredricFredricsonFredric.Fredriksson at mydata.se
Wed Mar 31 08:44:58 PST 1999

All right. I got quite a few bug reports, suggestions and nice
e-mails (thank you, thank you, thank you) when I released the 
0.99d version. This inspired me to wrestle the code some more 
and here is the second P4DB release this month:

For those of you that does not know:
P4DB is a web based p4 depot browser written in perl (and some
java) and tested mainly on Linux/Apache.
You can check out the old version (0.99a) in action at:

Changes 0.99d to 0.99f:

Bugs fixed:
* Old version only worked with a single depot named "depot".
  (Fix supplied by Mike Dixon.) 
* Install script now more portable.
  (Problem pointed out by Jeffrey A. Marshall.) 
* P4DB now runs with Solaris 2.7/perl5.005_02.
  (Thanks Ron Shalhoup for reporting problems and testing.)
* Somewhat improved error handling (inspired by idea from Ron Shalhoup). 
* Change browser can view jobs again 

New functions:
* Added a "smart" html viewer that changes relative links to point to
  files in depot. 
  This was implemented in response to a problem reported by Laura Wingerd 
  at Perforce. 
  And as a spin-off the "special" file viewers are controlled by a new 
  file "viewConfig.pm". This file makes it easier to associate more file 
  extensions with mime types. 
* Added line numbers to file viewer 
* Converts tabs to spaces in file viewer 
* Improved diff viewer:
       * Lists line numbers for file 
       * Possible to get more context (up to whole file) 
       * Links to file viewer
* The README.html now explains the silly version numbering

I am particularly proud of the improvements in the diff viewer that
I now find ALMOST acceptable. 

/Fredric Fredricson

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