[p4] Peforce History in source code

Rob Juergens robj at vsi.com
Tue Oct 19 07:26:45 PDT 1999

The other problem is that having "change comments" in the source file
messes up diffs to find out what has changed.

I vote for leaving it out and using separate cmds to access changes info.

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I agree with this point also.  However, we "solved" the $Log vs. ~$Log
argument by having the $Log data placed at the _bottom_ of the file (old
SCCS days).

Maybe Perforce can do this?

> On the same theory i vote against also. There's nothing
> worse than seeing 10K of mostly useless comments at the
> beginning of a file, especially when they are easily
> retrievable with a tool. Also, meta-data and data are better
> left separate.

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