[p4] Auxiliary libraries

Chuck Karish karish at well.com
Mon Dec 3 09:14:15 PST 2001

At 08:42 AM 12/3/2001 -0500, Stephen Vance wrote:
>My preferred approach is to create a vendor branch that includes source and/or libraries as delivered and necessary.  I then integrate this branch into the source trees (projects, products, etc.) that require it.  For example, with RogueWave which is delivered as source, I check in the source then do a build on the source and check in the resulting binaries (libraries, linkage files, even build logs to capture the options used as a backup).  I keep the binaries separate from the source so that I can simply integrate the binaries, rather than inflicting the source on all projects. 

I do this for internal releases, too, so all groups don't have to compile all the code.

If I were maintaining a lot of imported code without modifying it much I'd probably do so
using its native SCM tool (often CVS) rather than import it.  The checked-in binaries
would be under Perforce to manage version dependencies.

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