[p4] Sharing client spec between users

johan.nilsson at esrange.ssc.se johan.nilsson at esrange.ssc.se
Tue Dec 4 04:02:31 PST 2001

What I meant was to actually use the same client specification for two
separate users, that maps to the same physical machine (doesn't really sound
like a good idea, does it).

I'm only playing around for the time being, but I currently have two
separate client specifications (which in fact are identical regarding the
view(s)) for the users. The client specifications should always remain
identical to each other (but will change upon product release), so I was
just thinking I might save me myself some maintenance problems and use a
single spec for both users. This is a pretty special situation where the
target system will always be the same as the development system (in-house

You really made a point about editing the same file at the same time -
thanks. However it is very unlikely that they will be working with the same
application at the same time, so perhaps using the lock (+l?) qualifier for
all files would be a viable solution. 

// Johan

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> Just to clarify terminology, do you mean have two client 
> workspaces with the
> same specification (i.e. view mapping) or the same client 
> workspace? (There
> is room for confusion in the use of the word specification as 
> in client
> workspace spec, branch spec, label spec etc, and I like to 
> define the term
> client workspace as an entity which includes its 
> specification *and* actual
> state).
> In any case, I assume you mean the latter so that they are 
> both working
> within the same client workspace.
> The main problem they will hit is that they can tread on each 
> other's toes
> and Perforce won't be able to help them. For example, the 
> classic is that
> one does a "p4 edit" to open a file for editing, and both 
> start editing the
> file at the same time - without some form of editor locking 
> one person risks
> losing their changes.... If they were in different client 
> workspaces then
> Perforce would detect this.
> The other thing is that they will have the ground changed 
> underneath their
> feet by the other doing something like a "p4 sync".
> So, you are not allowing Perforce (or any other tool) to do 
> what it does
> best... So, while it *can* be done, it is definitely not to 
> be recommended!
> I would say however, that if you treat the client workspace 
> as "read-only"
> and never make changes in it, e.g. for common build purposes 
> that this can
> work (especially in the case where there are a lot of files in the
> workspace)... Requires a bit of developer discipline.
> Robert
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> >
> > Hi,
> >
> > supposing two different users are working on the same 
> machine, can they
> > share a common client specification? If possible, are there any
> > problems to
> > be aware of?
> >
> > // Johan
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