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Gregg G. Wonderly gregg at skymaster.c2-tech.com
Wed Dec 5 07:14:32 PST 2001

>am I the only person finding it very annoying that the 'Reply-To' field in
>the mails delivered through this list isn't set to
>'perforce-user at perforce.com'?

Out of habit, I always use reply (as opposed to reply-all) in EXMH and I get 
perforce-user-admin as the sole recipient.  The admin always send me email and 
ask me why I sent them email...  This list is not configured correctly 
compared to what I expect from the history of mailing list and the other lists 
that I am on.

To wit...

Sender: perforce-user-admin at perforce.com
To: perforce-user at perforce.com
From: user at host.domain

I believe that the RFCs say that you should reply to Sender: when present.  
Other email programs apparently reply to the From: and thus the list hardly 
sees answers, except perhaps, for those who are doing reply-all, or manually 
editing mail header fields...

Either a Reply-To: or the removal of the Sender field would probably solve the 
problem and improve the quality of the archives...

As to the signal to noise ratio, we all have delete functions on our email 
clients.  I can't imagine that anyone finds every single email that they 
receive to be useful, so we should all be practiced in the art of deleting...

If a list contains too much useless traffic, then often that the purpose of 
the list is not clear to the users, or more than one list needs to exists so 
that there is perhaps a 'users' list and an 'administrators' list in the case 
of perforce....

gregg at c2-tech.com  (C2 Technologies Inc)

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