[p4] Can anyone point me to backup/init.d scripts for Debian?

Dan Keith bud at otsys.com
Tue Dec 4 22:57:13 PST 2001


I'm responsible for administering our Perforce server under 
Debian/Linux. I want to write backup and init scripts to maintain my 
server. I have looked at the examples provided at www.perforce.com 
(sunutil.tar in the Supporting Programs Download page). I believe 
that these can be adapted to Linux, but I was hoping that I wouldn't 
have to reinvent the wheel.

Does anyone out there have backup and init scripts for perforce under 
Linux? I'd really appreciate any help or pointers.

dan keith (danbudkeith at earthlink.net)
Dan "Bud" Keith - bud at otsys.com

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