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Todd Short tshort at cisco.com
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My mistake... 2000.1 (which looks a lot like 2001.1).
So, if you are < 2000.1
text+k = $Id$ and $Header$ keyword expansion
Otherwise, you are >= 2000.1
text+ko = $Id$ and $Header$ keyword expansion
text+k = $Id$, $Header$, $Date$, $DateTime$, $Change$, $File$, $Revision$,
To automatically specify file types when files are added, use the 'p4
typemap' command.
In general, it is probably a good idea to use the 'p4 typemap' command even
if you are not going to use keyword expansion. We had a few files that were
originally added as 'binary' because they contained a character in the upper
128 bytes of the ASCII space (I believe it was a copyright symbol), so
Perforce looked at the file and must've thought it was binary... This, of
course, has been pains when tying to diff the file, or use the p4pr

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> In versions prior to 2001.1, text+k only did $Id$ and $Header$. There 
> was no text+ko type.

That was supported at least as far back as 2000.2 (and I think 2000.1 as
well). -Wm 

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