[p4] Sharing client spec between users

johan.nilsson at esrange.ssc.se johan.nilsson at esrange.ssc.se
Thu Dec 6 00:13:44 PST 2001

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> At 09:49 AM 12/5/2001 +0100, johan.nilsson at esrange.ssc.se wrote:
> >The code line 'app1/main/...' will be branched to 'app1/relX/...' for
> >maintenace only (where X is the version) upon release and 
> the view mapping
> >for //client/app1/prod/... will need to be changed in 
> applicable client
> >specifications. That's why I'd like to share a client spec (for each
> >application) between different users, inorder to avoid maintenance
> >headaches. Of course, maintaining a proper release procedure 
> should lessen
> >the chances of getting into trouble.
> "p4 client -t TEMPLATE_CLIENT" might be what you need. You can use it
> to create a new client using TEMPLATE_CLIENT as the model to 
> start from,
> and if you update the template, you can import the new 'View' section 
> (complete,
> so it's not a merge into your other View lines for a client) 
> using this "p4 
> client -t"
> mechanism, also.

Thanks for the hint. Is there a way to replace the view section in this way
_without_ requiring user intervention (not invoking the editor, just update
the view mappings)? Couldn't find _that_ specific option in the help.

> Check your release notes or "p4 help client" to see if your 
> version of Perforce
> supports this. Older versions might not.
> I don't entirely agree with the folks who've said "never share client 
> workspaces
> between users". It's possible, but best left for infrequent 
> uses: the 1.0 
> release
> that went out back in the Neolithic, that sits on 
> sys$shareddisk:[perforceareas.10release]
> and that people map in as they work on the 1.0 patches. . . .

Now that would be a couple of poor b... but, yes, this might be applicable
for us - the application(s) aren't generally worked on many times a year
(but they are crucial).

// Johan

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