[p4] keyword expansion in binary files (eg .doc, ppt)

Stephen Vance steve at vance.com
Thu Dec 6 17:28:58 PST 2001

I've always urged people to use HTML or XML as a document format.  They're 
compact and diff-able.  However, that doesn't fly in most contemporary 
business environments, so it's more of a pipe dream.  RTF is text-based, 
but no one remembers to save that way.  Document type converters can be 
reasonable, but they also have the issue of being difficult to automate 
with Perforce.

In summary:  yes, I've thought about the issue, and no, I've not come up 
with a good answer.

At 10:13 AM 12/6/2001 +0000, Sally.Page at symbian.com wrote:
>I was just speaking to Robert Cowham yesterday, about his P4Word program 
>which we have a few people using, with success.
>Users of it have enquired from me if they can use keyword expansion within
>the type of binary files such as .doc, and other types eg .ppt etc. We are
>trying to encourage the use of Perforce to manage documents aswell and
>without this facility, the general users of documents give the impression
>that there is not much benefit for them using Perforce without this
>facility (although I am able to convince them that it is a good idea
>really), some have mentioned that PVCS does it, so why doesn't
>The other thing is that Perforce will let you select a binary file to
>type+k and will then not be able to read it again!
>So my query to you all is, has anyone been able to get over this problem,
>or has a different solution or suggestion?
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