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Doug Palmer dpalmer at
Thu Dec 6 21:24:57 PST 2001

OK, I did some more checking, and it's not a filesystem limitation. I have a
2.5GB tar file of my depot and it fits just fine. The error happened when
db.have grew to 2147483647bytes, which is about 1.99999GB. That's why I
thought it might be a filesystem limit. Here's the error message, could I
just have a bad checkpoint file?

Recovering from checkpoint.359.gz...
Perforce server error:
        Journal file 'checkpoint.359.gz' replay failed at line 8697767!
        Database write error on db.have!
        dbput: db.have: Success
        Error allocating new node


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I'm testing a migration from NT to Linux. The test system is RedHat 7.2 with
ext3 filesystem. Everything was going well until I hit the 2GB file size
limit when I was restoring db.have from the checkpoint.

What gives? I thought that the 2GB limit goes away with kernel 2.4. Any

And please don't tell me to use Solaris, that's a discussion for another

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