[p4] Sharing client spec between users

PPrymmer at factset.com PPrymmer at factset.com
Mon Dec 10 08:43:27 PST 2001

If I might insert a slight translation to the VMS idiom where
"p4 client -o > tempfile" does not quite work.
The usage could be:

   $ define/user sys$output temp.file
   $ perforce client -o
   <edit temp.file as you see fit>
   $ perforce client -i temp.file

Note that on VMS you do not want to use "p4" as a foreign symbol for the
perforce.exe client.

Peter Prymmer

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> > From: Jeff A. Bowles [mailto:jab at piccoloeng.com]
> >
> > "p4 client -t TEMPLATE_CLIENT" might be what you need. You can use it
> > to create a new client using TEMPLATE_CLIENT as the model to
> > start from,
> > and if you update the template, you can import the new 'View' section
> > (complete,
> > so it's not a merge into your other View lines for a client)
> > using this "p4
> > client -t"
> > mechanism, also.
> >
> Thanks for the hint. Is there a way to replace the view section
> in this way
> _without_ requiring user intervention (not invoking the editor,
> just update
> the view mappings)? Couldn't find _that_ specific option in the help.

Use "p4 client -o > tempfile", manipulate the contents of the temp file and
then run "p4 client -i tempfile". This works for all "Editor form"

As an example of the above see in the public repository a Perl script
are others but this one creates a new client from a template and copies
across various fields):





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