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Steve Bennett bennett at jmisoftware.com
Mon Dec 10 09:21:35 PST 2001

I'm not quite sure why Reply-To munging takes away freedom.  It just
reverses the situation, meaning you have to Reply-To-All to get to the
individual user instead of the list.

For my own part, I'm quite annoyed with having to Reply-To-All to get to the
list, when 99% of the times I reply to a message from a mailing list, I want
the reply to go to the mailing list ONLY.  I think the majority of replies
to a mailing list fall into this category.

Using Reply-To-All for this causes all kinds of havoc -- if a person doesn't
take the time to delete excess addresses (which many people don't...), then
it ends up propagating all over the place.  For a classic example, when I
replied to this message, I had to delete *three* non-mailing list addresses
and had to move the mailing list address from the CC field to the To field.
If I didn't do that, then anyone responding to me would have to remove
*four* addresses.  It's a real mess.

Since I'm strongly of the opinion that any user interface should make the
most common behavior the easiest to use, and IMHO, the most common thing in
a mailing list is people responding to the list, and NOT to an individual, I
think we'd be better off if this list were set up somehow so that Reply went
to the list.  If that means changing Reply-To, then so be it.

-->Steve Bennett

on 12/5/01 10:21 AM, Simon Morton at Simon.Morton at metratech.com wrote:

> I am on a list which does munge the Reply-To: header and personal
> communications get sent to the list unintentionally on an almost
> weekly basis.  Reply-To: munging takes away your freedom to choose
> between Reply and Reply-to-All.
> The link Arnt provided below should be required reading for list
> administrators.
> Simon
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>>> am I the only person finding it very annoying that the
>> 'Reply-To' field in
>>> the mails delivered through this list isn't set to
>>> 'perforce-user at perforce.com'?
>> Probably not the only one, no. But others disagree, including
>> me. When the
>> reply-to header is set on a list the signal-to-noise ratio
>> tends to drop
>> quite a bit, and then I leave... just my two cents.
>> (Mandatory reference to http://www.unicom.com/pw/reply-to-harmful.html
>> inserted here.)
>> --Arnt
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