[p4] This mailing list

Dave Lewis dlewis at vignette.com
Mon Dec 10 10:44:02 PST 2001

  > Using Reply-To-All for this causes all kinds of havoc -- if a person doesn't
  > take the time to delete excess addresses (which many people don't...), then
  > it ends up propagating all over the place.  For a classic example, when I
  > replied to this message, I had to delete *three* non-mailing list addresses
  > and had to move the mailing list address from the CC field to the To field.
  > If I didn't do that, then anyone responding to me would have to remove
  > *four* addresses.  It's a real mess.
  > Since I'm strongly of the opinion that any user interface should make the
  > most common behavior the easiest to use, and IMHO, the most common thing in
  > a mailing list is people responding to the list, and NOT to an individual, I
  > think we'd be better off if this list were set up somehow so that Reply went
  > to the list.  If that means changing Reply-To, then so be it.

its not a religious thing with me, but this has been my experience. I reply, and
it goes to the sender and to the list.  Others do the same, and I get multiple msgs
until the thread dies out...


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