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Mon Dec 10 12:32:56 PST 2001

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> on 12/10/01 1:44 PM, Dave Lewis at dlewis at vignette.com wrote:
> > its not a religious thing with me, but this has been my 
> experience. I reply,
> > and
> > it goes to the sender and to the list.  Others do the same, 
> and I get multiple
> > msgs
> > until the thread dies out...
> Hmmn...  I guess my aversion to this comes from my early 
> exposure to mailing
> lists (and non-Internet variations in the 80s), where it was 
> considered
> extremely bad form to clutter up someone's mailbox with 
> duplicates sent to
> both the list and the individual.
> FWIW, this is the only list of over 10 I currently subscribe 
> to which does
> *not* have it's address in the Reply-To field, and I've never seen
> complaints about the Reply-To field, or a higher noise ratio 
> in any of those
> other lists.

Agreed - I've been on boost, ATL, DCOM, ... and a couple of other of mailing
lists and never seen any significant amount of junk. It could depend on the
list's topic; more technical lists might have a better signal-to-noise ratio
than mailing lists in general (excluding this thread) ?

// Johan

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