[p4] Integration question (merge)

patrick.baur at azgrp.ch patrick.baur at azgrp.ch
Tue Dec 11 12:29:16 PST 2001


I seem to have some misunderstanding of Perforce integrate / merge


are two codelines for developer a and b, respectively.

  From time to time I want to synchronize their work. So I created a branch
spec of the form:
     //depot/dev/a/... //depot/dev/b/...

Everything works fine as long as you do not manually merge. With a simple
integrate you move changes from a to b and with a reverse integrate you
move changes from b to a.

Now I (back) integrated changes from b to a, manually merging the files
(i.e. the resulting file for a is neither b's version nor a's original
version). The result is, that a gets the merged version, and b stays with
his. So far so good.

The big question now: How do I propagate the merged version from a to b???
If I do the normal integrate on the branch spec, it doesn't take the
manually changed files into account, i.e. they won't synchronize. Why
doesn't perforce recognize the two files are different, or how do I have to
proceed to make perforce synchronize them?

Thanks for any help!

Best regards,
pbaur at dplanet.ch

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