[p4] Integration question (merge)

Chuck Karish karish at well.com
Tue Dec 11 21:42:12 PST 2001

What happens after you do 'p4 integ -f //depot/dev/a/file //depot/dev/b/file'?

At 09:29 PM 12/11/2001 +0100, patrick.baur at azgrp.ch wrote:
>I seem to have some misunderstanding of Perforce integrate / merge
>     //depot/dev/a
>     //depot/dev/b
>are two codelines for developer a and b, respectively.
>>From time to time I want to synchronize their work. So I created a branch
>spec of the form:
>     //depot/dev/a/... //depot/dev/b/...
>Everything works fine as long as you do not manually merge. With a simple
>integrate you move changes from a to b and with a reverse integrate you
>move changes from b to a.
>Now I (back) integrated changes from b to a, manually merging the files
>(i.e. the resulting file for a is neither b's version nor a's original
>version). The result is, that a gets the merged version, and b stays with
>his. So far so good.
>The big question now: How do I propagate the merged version from a to b???
>If I do the normal integrate on the branch spec, it doesn't take the
>manually changed files into account, i.e. they won't synchronize. Why
>doesn't perforce recognize the two files are different, or how do I have to
>proceed to make perforce synchronize them?
>Thanks for any help!
>Best regards,
>pbaur at dplanet.ch
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