[p4] interrupt perforce command

Becker, Holger holger.becker at sap.com
Wed Dec 12 02:47:19 PST 2001

Hi people,

few days ago we have some performance problems with our perforce server.

We observe long running commands in the log file which were interrupted 
by the user with CTRL-C but still running on the server.

I found this text in the perforce note 048:

"... But abnormally large requests can take seconds, sometimes even minutes.

If frustrated users hit CTRL-C and retry, the problem gets worse -- 
the server starts using lots of memory and responds even more slowly. ..." 

and in note 058:

"...all Perforce server activity is asynchronous..."

So couldn't a user interrupt a prior started perforce command by CTRL-C 
or anything else? 

Appreciate any help.

Kind regards,

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