[p4] Question on Jobs and changelists

Jeff Cyr JeffC at ace-comp.com
Wed Dec 12 10:58:59 PST 2001

As a new user I'm trying to get a handle on Jobs and their usefulness.
>From what I've read a job is a description of a change that needs to be
made (or an enhancement, etc.). Changelists can be linked to a job to
show what was changed to close out the job. What I don't understand is
the fact that if any single changelist linked to a job is submitted the
job status changes to closed. This confuses me because if I have 5
changelists linked to a job, then all 5 should be submitted in order for
the job to be closed, yet if I close any one of them the job gets
closed. If I should use only one changelist per job then what use is the
job when I can put the job description in the changelist description?

I'm sure this is simply a lack of perspective on my part, can anybody
out there explain it to me?

Jeff Cyr
ACE Computer Engineering, Inc.
321-728-7975 x107

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