[p4] Question on Jobs and changelists

Eric Dew edew at resilience.com
Wed Dec 12 11:28:22 PST 2001

Well, if there is a one-to-one correspondence between changelists and 
jobs, then
the jobs field (or the changelist field) is redundant.  The jobs <-> 
changelist correspondence
should be a many-to-many.  One job may include  many changelists, and 
one changelist
may solve many jobs.

I'm still wrestling with how to best utilize the jobs field.  Partly, it 
would require the P4DTI
and perhaps a bug tracking system which have hooks written for it in the 

It should not be the case that once a changelist is submitted a job is 
closed.  In fact, even
in the many-to-many case, a job is not closed until the QA people have 
blessed that
the changes did what was intended to do.


Jeff Cyr wrote:

>As a new user I'm trying to get a handle on Jobs and their usefulness.
>>From what I've read a job is a description of a change that needs to be
>made (or an enhancement, etc.). Changelists can be linked to a job to
>show what was changed to close out the job. What I don't understand is
>the fact that if any single changelist linked to a job is submitted the
>job status changes to closed. This confuses me because if I have 5
>changelists linked to a job, then all 5 should be submitted in order for
>the job to be closed, yet if I close any one of them the job gets
>closed. If I should use only one changelist per job then what use is the
>job when I can put the job description in the changelist description?
>I'm sure this is simply a lack of perspective on my part, can anybody
>out there explain it to me?
>Jeff Cyr
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