[p4] Question on Jobs and changelists

Gareth Rees gdr at ravenbrook.com
Thu Dec 13 09:47:23 PST 2001

At 11:28 -0800 2001-12-12, Eric Dew wrote:
>It should not be the case that once a changelist is submitted a job 
>is closed.  In fact, even in the many-to-many case, a job is not 
>closed until the QA people have blessed that the changes did what 
>was intended to do.

For this reason, we advise P4DTI users to make "closed" in Perforce 
mean something like "closed from the developer's point of view" by 
mapping it to the appropriate point in the defect tracking workflow 
(usually a state like "Resolved" or "Fix implemented").

This allows a developer in Perforce to use "p4 fix -c 12345 
job123456" to move the defect along in the workflow.  The defect says 
"closed" in Perforce, but it's not really closed.


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