[p4] Question on Jobs and changelists

Richard Brooksby rb at ravenbrook.com
Fri Dec 14 03:32:28 PST 2001

At 2001-12-12 13:58 -0500, Jeff Cyr wrote:

>As a new user I'm trying to get a handle on Jobs and their usefulness.
>>From what I've read a job is a description of a change that needs to be
>made (or an enhancement, etc.). Changelists can be linked to a job to
>show what was changed to close out the job. What I don't understand is
>the fact that if any single changelist linked to a job is submitted the
>job status changes to closed. This confuses me because if I have 5
>changelists linked to a job, then all 5 should be submitted in order for
>the job to be closed, yet if I close any one of them the job gets
>closed. If I should use only one changelist per job then what use is the
>job when I can put the job description in the changelist description?
>I'm sure this is simply a lack of perspective on my part, can anybody
>out there explain it to me?

There are a couple of ways we use to handle this.

   1. When the changes to resolve the job are many and complex, I 
recommend making a branch, doing the work there, testing it there, 
and then merging back.  "Fix" the job using the merge changelist. 
For an example, see 
<http://www.ravenbrook.com/project/p4dti/issue/job000385/>.  (Note 
that the fix with changelist 22917 is on the branch, and fixes it to 
"open".  See below.)

   2. Fix the job to something other than closed using "p4 fix -s" or 
"p4 submit -s" or "p4 change -s" for all except the final changelist 
that actually resolves the job.  For an example, see 

The "branch for change" policy is covered in my paper "Product 
Quality through Change Management" 
<http://www.ravenbrook.com/doc/1999/05/20/pqtcm/>, which I wheel out 
at regular intervals and no doubt makes all the old lags on this 
mailing list groan.
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