[p4] Changelist and affected files report

wivey at us.itmasters.com wivey at us.itmasters.com
Fri Dec 14 08:40:24 PST 2001

> Hi all;
>                I'm fairly new to this Perforce stuff and need to 
generate a report
> that lists all the changelists between two dates, their descriptions, 
and a
> list of affected files.

Here's part of a bourne shell script that I use. The argument is a file 
(//... for all files). DateSpec contains a string that looks like:

ProcessOne () # ( filepattern )
        ChangeList=`p4 changes -i -s submitted $1$DateSpec | awk '{print 
        for Chng in $ChangeList
                p4 describe -s "$Chng" >> "$OutFile"

It's not perfect or really fast, but it may be a starting point for 

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