[p4] pre-submit warning

Jason Williams streak at narus.com
Mon Dec 17 11:49:30 PST 2001

ian.barberi at discreet.com wrote:

> I would like to pop up a warning window with a pre-submit trigger. Something like "Warning you are submitting UI files, make sure you do blah blah. If you have done this hit OK to continue, otherwise hit CANCEL to stop the submission and make the necessary changes". Any ideas?

One of the things I wish Perforce had was a way to output STDOUT on success of a  pre-submit trigger.

One way I'd do this is by finding a way to store state information.  Delete the state after a certain time.  Then you can error out on the pre-submit trigger the first time with your warning.  Then if the user submits again within the next X seconds/minutes, it succeeds.


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