[p4] Changing the default job status

Albrecht, Matt matt.albrecht at zilliant.com
Mon Dec 17 13:48:26 PST 2001


My company's P4 setup includes integration with Bugzilla through P4DTI.  Our
workflow is such that on many occasions my users submit a changelist with an
attached job that only completes part of the job.  I've noticed that on many
occasions the users submit a changelist without remembering to change the
job status.  This causes them pain when they have their job filter to filter
out closed issues.  Being the kind admin that I am, I smack them on the head
and tell them not to do that, then quietly take away their write
permissions.  But I digress.

Still, it would be nice to either change the default job status, say,
through the jobspec sheet, or to force the user to select a jobspec before a
submit (optionally, of course).

I know that the P4 guide states that "Perforce will always set the value of
[the job status] field to closed when a changelist containing this job is
submitted, even if closed has been deleted from the list of possible values
in the jobspec."  I can't help but to wonder just how hard-coded this is,
and how hard it could be to allow this default value to be set on a
per-installation basis.

-Matt Albrecht 

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