[p4] How can I restrict depot creation/deletion

Dave Foglesong dfogleso at adobe.com
Mon Dec 17 15:26:15 PST 2001

The depot command requires super access to run. If your users are
creating/deleting depots, this indicates that somewhere they've got super
access to at least one file inside that depot. Restrict super access to
specific admin accounts and you shouldn't see these kinds of problems.

Dave Foglesong
Adobe Systems

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Subject: [p4] How can I restrict depot creation/deletion

> Is there any way, other then a wrapper, that I can restrict
> who can create/delete a depot?
> I have two problems - one, that users think each new part of each new
> project needs it's own depot, so are creating them at a truly absurd
> rate, and two, this leads to users then trying to delete depots, which
> makes the server hang until the depot deletion completes.
> I need to remove the ability to create or delete a depot so that I can
> get a corral around my users.
> Any way to do that? Or am I going to have to do-it-myself
> with a wrapper?
> -Karl
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