[p4] How can I tell which machine a p4d process is talking to?

Brian Moyers bmoyers at bea.com
Tue Dec 18 08:38:39 PST 2001

Here is a little script that will show you the entries in your P4 log (if
you have -v1 or -v2 logging enabled) for processes that have been on cpu for
a while:

PIDS=`ps -ef |grep p4d |grep -v 0:00 | awk ' { print $2 } '`

for i in $PIDS ; do
  grep "pid $i" $PSP4LOG


run it a few times in a row to see the real hogs.

Hope that helps

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Subject: [p4] How can I tell which machine a p4d process is talking to?

Once in a while I have a user do something disruptive like
delete a depot in the middle of the day (which seems to hang
perforce until the delete completes). I see, on my Solaris perforce server,
the p4d processes backing up while waiting for the server to respond.

But I can't tell, when this is happening, what host the hang is coming from.
So I can't tell who's issued a p4 depot -d (or whatever the command was).

Is there any way to identify which process is talking to which host?

If I can identify which host, I can track it to a user running a command
that may be hanging things up.


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