[p4] Question on "p4 sync"

Ines Heinz iheinz at llnl.gov
Fri Dec 21 12:47:52 PST 2001

The issue was with the embedded wildcard - moduleA vs moduleB.  I 
don't think Andy realized that the wildcard "..." could be used 
within the string as well as at the end of the string.

The incantation is p4 sync projectA/module.../English/...

At 1:34 PM -0700 12/21/01, Rick Macdonald wrote:
>On Fri, 21 Dec 2001, Andy K Nguyen wrote:
>>  Hi,
>>  Can we use wild card in "p4 sync"?
>>  For example:
>>     /projectA/moduleA/English/...
>>     /projectA/moduleA/French/...
>>     /projectA/moduleA/German/...
>>     /projectA/moduleB/English/...
>>     /projectA/moduleB/French/...
>>     /projectA/moduleB/German/...
>>      . . .
>>  I would like to sync with all files that are associated with English.  I
>>  can always write a small shell script to remove
>>  all the German and French dirs after the sync (p4 sync
>>  //depot/projectA/...), but just wondering that whether I can do it at
>>  the sync time.
>Maybe I don't understand the problem, but...
>"..." _is_ one of the ways you specify wildcards for sync. Just like
>//depot/projectA/... gives you all the language directories, the following
>only gives you the English directory:
>p4 sync /projectA/moduleA/English/...
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