[p4] Question on p4 sync

steve at vance.com steve at vance.com
Fri Dec 21 16:25:36 PST 2001

Andy --

You can use all wildcards in 'p4 sync'.  As Inez pointed 
out, you can embed the '...' wildcard.  You can also use 
the '*' wildcard, but you need to be careful that it isn't 
expanded by your shell before getting to Perforce, 
depending on your platform and shell.

p4 sync //project*/.../English/...
p4 sync //...English/...
p4 sync //projectA/*/English/...

Under some shells, largely Unix, you may need to escape 
the '*' or enclose the file spec in quotes.


> Hi,
> Can we use wild card in "p4 sync"?
> For example:
>    /projectA/moduleA/English/...
>    /projectA/moduleA/French/...
>    /projectA/moduleA/German/...
>    /projectA/moduleB/English/...
>    /projectA/moduleB/French/...
>    /projectA/moduleB/German/...
>     . . .
> I would like to sync with all files that are associated 
with English.  I
> can always write a small shell script to remove
> all the German and French dirs after the sync (p4 sync
> //depot/projectA/...), but just wondering that whether I 
can do it at
> the sync time.
> Thanks,
> -Andy

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