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Stephen Vance steve at vance.com
Thu Dec 27 13:17:59 PST 2001

At 03:34 PM 12/26/2001 -0500, Hutchinson, Karen wrote:
>I was wondering if there was any experience out there with remote depots.
>My company
>is new to Perforce.  We have a joint development effort between Boston, NY,
>and San Francisco.
>We would like to use remote depots in Boston and San Francisco and have NY
>be a client
>into the San Francisco office.  We are not comfortable using one Perforce
>server as it is a
>single point of failure and consistent network connectivity is an issue.

If the budget allows, I would address the SPOF and network connectivity 
issue at a networking level, rather than remote depots.  Multiple 
connections through different vendors, failover routing, different physical 
access, etc.  Cost could be reduced through fractional T-1, ISDN, etc., 
which would satisfy all but the large syncs for a small to medium sized 
development team.

Site reflection through remote depots can be done, but it's largely a 
roll-your-own situation right now.  There is a little community wisdom on 
the subject.  Some approaches will be impeded by the child-parent branching 

>Any experience that you have had using remote depots would be helpful.  The
>Boston development
>center uses ClearCase we are also evaluating Multisite for this joint
>development effort.  Any
>experience comparing the two solutions would be helpful.

ClearCase MultiSite works pretty well, but has a high implementation and 
maintenance overhead, even beyond ClearCase's heavy burden.  There's a 
little more information available for getting started, but a lot has to be 
done to fully implement it and it may require restructuring some of your 
branching rules.

Stephen Vance
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