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Stephen Vance steve at vance.com
Mon Dec 31 10:16:22 PST 2001

You told Perforce that the file had been deleted.  It doesn't assume that 
there is any relationship between the old file and the new file just 
because you gave it the same name (and contents).  Therefore, your merge is 
between two files with no historical relationship in Perforce's eyes.

The message you are getting indicates that you are probably using 
P4Win.  If you go to the Options... button, you will find a checkbox 
entitled "Enable Baseless Merges".  Check that box and it will let you go 
ahead.  You likely want to do an "Accept Theirs" when you resolve unless 
you had some custom edits when you originally branched.

At 12:29 PM 12/28/2001 -0800, abebal at pandora.intra.kyocera-wireless.com wrote:

>Created a branch using a branch specs, for eg
>//folderA/... //folderB/...
>Now folderB is a branch of folderA, deleted a file from folderB and then 
>recovered it by
>1. Right Clicked on folderB and selected Show Deleted depot files
>2. Right clicked the deleted file and sync it to "Date and time".
>3. Added the file back to the folderB
>Made some changes to this files and tried to integrate the changes to 
>folderA, the problem is when i try to do this it say
>"Can't integrate the file in folderA from folderB. Please use the "Enable 
>Baseless merged" option"
>Can anyone please tell me what's wrong and why i am getting this message.
>Arshad Bebal
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