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Steve Smythe ssmythe at docent.com
Tue Oct 2 17:08:11 PDT 2001


I came up with an idea that worked pretty well in a prototype
environment.  If you have full-time direct network connectivity
between two servers (slow links are assumed), you can use the
remote depot feature to access files.

The basic idea is to mirror a remote depot locally, and then
integrate each change list from the local mirror into your
local repository.  On the remove server, you have a similar
set up.

The following is an ASCII diagram:

SERVER 1                                   SERVER 2

local://depot/foo ---------------------->  remote://remote_server1_depot/foo
            ^                                       |
            |                                       V
local://remote_server2_depot/foo           local://remote_server1_depot/foo
            ^                                       |
            |                                       V
remote://remote_server2_depot/foo <------- local://depot/foo

Since the network connection is direct, Server 2 can
get information about change list information directly
from Server 1.  Then, you can perform raw integrates
from the remote depot to the local mirror for only the
new change lists as they are made (whatever frequency
you desire).  Then, you have some automated (or most
likely) a manual integrate process to your local working

This worked really well in my prototype environment, and
I don't see any reason why this wouldn't work across
multiple sites.  You would want to have to have a central
gathering point for the "master" repository to resolve
all integration conflicts and then replicate out the
correct integrations from that central location.


Steve Smythe
Docent, Inc.
ssmythe at docent.com

P.S. Yep, I'm no longer at ChannelPoint, I'm at Docent.
     Just started yesterday.  Thanks for all your support
     and warm comments!  :-)

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Is anyone replicating their Perforce instance to another site?
We are looking at replicating multiple sites with "up to the minute" changes
being incorporated into the requirements.
One of the platforms in use is Linux and I have not heard of a disk software
solution being available for this platform.
The target feature we are looking for is to mirror to a physically different
site incorporating the latest changes.

Kjell Martin
Configuration Engineer
Peregrine Systems, Inc.
kjell.martin at peregrine.com

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