[p4] Who deleted a client

Gregg G. Wonderly gregg at skymaster.c2-tech.com
Wed Oct 3 15:31:38 PDT 2001

>We're trying here at ATG to artificially create some of this, and we're 
>finding the interfaces available to be somewhat more awkward than perhaps 
>they ideally could be.

A critical client spec should be kept in perforce via 'p4 client -o' and 'p4 
client -i' so that a simple client is defined thta lets you get these clients 
out of perforce.  Then, on a regular basis, a cron job should audit the client 
for changes and update perforce if needed.  Then, you'd have the history.

I don't need this, because I don't create complex clients, others might.  
Perforce provides the flexibility to let both types of users have what they 

gregg at c2-tech.com  (C2 Technologies Inc)

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