[p4] Who deleted a client

Sweeney, Nicole nicole.sweeney at akamai.com
Thu Oct 4 09:22:15 PDT 2001

Hey Karl,
This suggestion may not help you track down who deleted the last client, but
it will help you for future clients. We have our logging set to level 2. At
this level, it records every action in the log. In 2001.1, it also records
the start and finish times of each pid. This is very helpful in getting
metrics on how long operations take. Here's our p4d startup line:

	p4d -p ${P4PORT} -r ${P4ROOT} -d -v2 -L ${P4LOG} -J journal

The -v2 sets the logging level. I believe that the default is 1, which just
records errors. The -L sets the name and location of the log file. Our
nightly backup scripts then roll the logs daily so that we only keep 3 at a
time, as they can get quite large. I have found this tremendously helpful. 

Hope this helps!

Nicole Sweeney
Software Configuration Engineer
Akamai Technologies, Inc.

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