[p4] How can I track changes across integrations?

wivey at us.itmasters.com wivey at us.itmasters.com
Fri Oct 5 09:00:28 PDT 2001

First, yes, I know about p4 changes -i, and that works fine EXCEPT that I
can't limit the output in some cases.

What I need to know is what changes were submitted between now and the
date of the last build. If an integration occured in the build branch
(which is the usual case), I need to track down the change lists that
were integrated. When I do something like this:

p4 changes -l -s submitted //build/product/2.1/... at 2001/09/21,now

I may or may not get what I would expect. Sometimes the list of
changes stops at the given date, but sometimes it goes back a LOT
further. It appears that the problem occurs if the file's history
spans two or more integrations.

That is, if the files were integrated from M to B, OK, if the files
were integrated from D to M to B, it goes back to the beginning,
ignoring the date. (Even if that D to M integration occured long
before the date.)

Anyone else seen this? Any solutions? -Wm
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