[p4] Q: Restricting users from creating Jobs

Kate Ebneter kebneter at allegronetworks.com
Fri Oct 5 14:33:20 PDT 2001

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> From: Albrecht, Matt [mailto:matt.albrecht at zilliant.com]
> Greetings.  Our shop has just moved over to Perforce from 
> PVCS, and from
> PVCS Tracker to Bugzilla.
> I'm using the P4DTI-Replicator for Bugzilla, and the 
> documentation says that
> recognition of a new Job/Bug is a one-way path: new Jobs in 
> Perforce are not
> moved over to Bugzilla.
> Since our development process has us track all of our 
> development through
> the issue tracking software, we don't want the users to 
> either deliberately
> or accidentally create jobs.  Triggers don't seem to be able 
> to handle job
> creation, and p4 protect won't prevent jobs from being 
> created as long as
> they have write access (which, needless to say, is a necessity).
> Any ideas?  Thanks!

I find that whupping offenders upside the head with a club helps

Seriously, we use the same system (P4 + Bugzilla) and, after I told people
not to create jobs in Perforce, it hasn't been a problem. Most of them don't
know _how_ to create jobs in Perforce, since it would require that they Read
a Manual. So, even though it's theoretically possible for them to do so, in
practice, it has never occurred.

Kate Ebneter
SCM Manager
Allegro Networks, Inc.

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