[p4] RE: determining the status of a clientspec (Marc Unangst, Jeff A . Bowles)

Eric Engberg Eric.Engberg at nextcard.com
Tue Oct 9 13:29:12 PDT 2001

Pretty thorough answer from Jeff : 
> ( p4 changes -m1 -s submitted //depot/main/src/... at garfield )

I'd add, that to do what Marc asked:
> generate largest-subset information (i.e., this subdir is 
> sync'd to change #1234, this subdir to change #1245, etc.).

You need to explicitly call the command for every subdirectory
you care about.  (It won't automagically report the recursive answer
for your whole tree).  To get the subdirectories, you can use
'p4 dirs'.

Still, be wary of the creative sync-ing of users.  If a user has
synced change #7 through something like 
	p4 sync //depot/main/src/... at 7,7
Then the command from Jeff will tell you they have change #7, and
won't tell you anything about them not having 1,2,3,4,5, or 6.


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