[p4] Re: determining the status of a clientspec

Marc Unangst mju at panasas.com
Tue Oct 9 19:13:30 PDT 2001

Jeff A. Bowles wrote:

> If you're trying to figure out, after the fact, what's in your 
> workspace, then "p4 changes -m1 -s submitted  filelist" is handy.
> But don't use that to track a build that you're going to release. 
> Don't even THINK that it's an option.

Yup, I agree 100%.  In this case, I was asking because we've recently 
had a number of developer interactions that went something like this:

Developer A: Hmm, I'm seeing a bug where you trip an assert at line X of 
file Y.c.
Developer B: That's weird, I thought I fixed that.  <runs some "p4 
changes" commands>  Yup, that's fixed in change 12345.  Do you have that?
Developer A: Er, I dunno.  Let me sync and try again.

I realize that "highest change number" isn't foolproof, but in the 
presence of "normal" developer work habits (i.e.,people that sync to 
head-of-line rather than to a particular change number, and who sync 
their whole client at once) it seems like a good first approximation to 
answer the question "have you sync'd since change 12345 was checked in?".

Thanks for all the insightful answers.


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