[p4] Mac OS X client doesn't appear to support long filenames...?

Jon Witort jon at witort.com
Tue Oct 9 12:55:42 PDT 2001

Despite the reassurance that the Mac OS X p4 client supports filenames
longer than 31 characters:


... I find that this is not the case. I've tried it both on UFS and HFS+
volumes, and in both cases p4 fails to sync files with >31 character
filenames to my client. My workaround has been to:

p4 print -q reallyreallyreallylongfilename.c > reallyreallyreallylongfilename.c
p4 sync reallyreallyreallylongfilename.c

No, I'm not accidentally running the classic Mac OS version of p4; the Mac
running UFS didn't even have classic installed.


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