[p4] Windows 2000 server problem

Fredrik Lundkvist fredrik.l at propellerheads.se
Wed Oct 10 07:16:06 PDT 2001


Some weeks ago we had a server crash and
lost an RCS file, which we restored and
things were OK again. Today we lost files
again, no server crash, no p4 problems, just
missing files all of a sudden.

Explorer crashed when we were looking for
the files. We ran CHDDSK and ended up with
only one missing file which we have restored,
the other files were apparently repaired.

Do you know of any problems; configuration,
services, conflicts with other programs
or Windows 2000 itself? Could it be a hardware
problem? We don't know much about that Windows
server voodoo stuff.

We are running some other servers on the same
machine. Perhaps we should install on a dedicated
p4 machine (with Windows NT?).

Fredrik Lundkvist

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