[p4] Periods "." in Directory Paths

Ken Wilson kenwilson at ACDSystems.com
Wed Oct 10 11:10:23 PDT 2001

We have a directory path in our depot that includes a period.  We have
written a Java application to automate our build process.  Essentially it
takes a script, parses it and the executes the command line necessary to
accomplish the task indicated by the keyword.

We are having problems with the Perforce 'sync' command.  When synchronizing
to this directory the whole path is honoured, however, when using 'sync' as
follows it removes everything below ACDSee and does not confine the file
removal to the DI subtree.

     "p4 sync //Release/ACDSee/4.0/DI/... #none" 

We have tried wrapping the entire path in quotes and only the reference to
4.0 in quotes to no avail.  Is this a bug or am I missing some key point?

Ken Wilson
Junior Developer
ACD Systems Ltd.
The Digital Imaging Company
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Fax (250) 544-0291
Email: kenwilson at acdsystems.com

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