[p4] Curious how others handle interface with defect tracking without using P4DTI

Nick Barnes Nick.Barnes at pobox.com
Thu Oct 11 04:48:04 PDT 2001

At 2001-10-11 00:40:01+0000, "Rita Ozanne" writes:

> We have been toying with what is the best way to have perforce interface
> with our bug tracking system.  I don't know if we want to go with using
> P4DTI.  We are curious with what others have been doing?
> One proposal is to have users create jobs the same as the bug number.
> When they do a submit against the job, a trigger is fired that will put
> comments into the bug.

This is certainly one of the things that the P4DTI will do for you.
It will also create the jobs automatically (when appropriate issues in
your defect tracker are created or enter a particular state), keep the
jobs and issues synchronized (so, for instance, work can be assigned
in the defect tracker and that assignment will show up in Perforce
job), enforce defect tracker restrictions on who can update issues,
and show fixes in the defect tracker interface with links to a
Perforce web interface (e.g. p4browse or p4web).

The P4DTI is open-source and is available as an integration kit,
enabling you to develop your own integration.  Depending on the nature
of your defect tracker, and its similarity to either Bugzilla or
TeamTrack (the currently supported defect trackers), such an
integration may be quite straight-forward.

I strongly recommend that you look in detail at the P4DTI, even if
you decide not to use it.  A good integration between Perforce jobs
and a third-party defect tracker is hard to develop, involving a
number of issues which are difficult to foresee.  The solutions we
developed to these issues as part of the P4DTI are likely to be of
interest to you however you decide to proceed.  You can ask questions
about the P4DTI by mail to <p4dti-questions at ravenbrook.com>.

Incidentally, Ravenbrook provides consultancy services relating to
such integrations, ranging from high-level advice to the development
of an entire new integration.  If you are interested in these
services, send mail to <info at ravenbrook.com>.

Nick Barnes
P4DTI Project
Ravenbrook Limited

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