[p4] Windows 2000 server problem

Chuck Karish karish at well.com
Thu Oct 11 07:30:13 PDT 2001

At 04:16 PM 10/10/2001 +0200, Fredrik Lundkvist wrote:
>Some weeks ago we had a server crash and
>lost an RCS file, which we restored and
>things were OK again. Today we lost files
>again, no server crash, no p4 problems, just
>missing files all of a sudden.
>Explorer crashed when we were looking for
>the files. We ran CHDDSK and ended up with
>only one missing file which we have restored,
>the other files were apparently repaired.
>Do you know of any problems; configuration,
>services, conflicts with other programs
>or Windows 2000 itself? Could it be a hardware
>problem? We don't know much about that Windows
>server voodoo stuff.

Windows 2000 comes with a disk defragmenter tool.
Other OS implementors provide file systems that don't
need to be fussed with.

>We are running some other servers on the same
>machine. Perhaps we should install on a dedicated
>p4 machine (with Windows NT?).

How much load is the server supporting?  When Perforce
is heavily loaded it can become sluggish in opening the
server side of new network connections.  Windows network
software doesn't handle this situation as well as some of
the free Unix variants do.  If I needed a standalone Perforce
server I'd consider running FreeBSD or Linux on it.  FreeBSD
for overall robustness and especially for a strong network stack,
maybe Linux if you need to run a multiprocessor box.  Be sure
to use a version that supports large files.

Perforce works best on a system with a lot of memory and
fast disks.  Keeping more of the metadata resident in memory is
always a win.

Running on the same system with other servers that compete for
memory and for disk access is an issue. Voodoo needs to be
applied to process scheduling and to the paging strategy to
optimize server performance.  This is true whether you're running
Windows or some other OS.

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