[p4] Perforce and Visual SourceSafe

Priamos Georgiades PGeorgiades at lucasarts.com
Thu Oct 11 10:00:55 PDT 2001

Hi Max

Whereas P4 asks during its installation if you want it to be the default
Source Control system, VSS does not. As a result, if you have P4 integrated
with your IDEs (MSVC++, CodeWarrior, etc), it'll all get screwed up.

One workaround (I've done this a number of times) is to re-install P4 after
VSS, and say yes to choosing P4 as the default SCS. Another is to restore
the default SCS in RegEdit, as well as your settings in each of your IDEs,
but I never tried it. The first one is much quicker.

On the other hand, if you don't use integrated source control in your IDEs,
I haven't run into any other conflicts.

Priamos Georgiades
LucasArts Entertainment Company

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Dear Sirs,
  I' running P4Win 2000.2 on a NT box.
I need to install on the same machine MS Visual Source Safe 6.0 just for a
Do you know if there may be some conflicts ?

Massimiliano Mazzeschi
Digital Video s.r.l.
max at divideo.it
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