[p4] RE: Perforce and Visual SourceSafe

Schlueter, Michael Schlueter at secunet.de
Thu Oct 11 22:43:57 PDT 2001

Hi Max,
we have used MS Source Safe in the past and switched to Perforce some weeks
ago. So we have many projects still in the Source Safe database. We have
both clients (Source Safe and P4) installed on every machine without any
If you install Source Safe after Perforce you will probably loose the scc
integration of perforce in your IDE. 
At least with MS Visual Studio it's no big deal to switch between Perforce
and Source Safe integration.
I have created two .reg files:


"Perforce SCM"="SOFTWARE\\Perforce\\p4"
To change the current SourceCodeControlProvider, I just have to execute the
right registry file, to change the ProviderRegKey. You have to reopen the
Visual Studio to make the change visible. Since the registry key is not
Visual Studio specific, I assume that this should work with other IDEs as


Michael Schluter
Security Networks AG       		Tel   :  +49(2054)123-223
Im Teelbruch 116           		Fax   : +49(2054)123-123

D-45219 Essen              		E-Mail: schlueter at secunet.de

> From: "Massimiliano Mazzeschi" <max at divideo.it>
> To: perforce-user at perforce.com
> Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2001 15:53:23 +0200
> Subject: [p4] Perforce and Visual SourceSafe
> Dear Sirs,
>   I' running P4Win 2000.2 on a NT box.
> I need to install on the same machine MS Visual Source Safe 
> 6.0 just for a project.
> Do you know if there may be some conflicts ?
> thanks
>   Max
> Massimiliano Mazzeschi
> Digital Video s.r.l.
> max at divideo.it

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