[p4] Bugzilla Integration

Nick Barnes Nick.Barnes at pobox.com
Fri Oct 12 05:56:46 PDT 2001

At 2001-10-12 12:25:54+0000, Paul Goffin writes:
> Does anyone have the p4dti integration working with Bugzilla 2.14?
> Looking on the ravenbrook site it seems someone has fixed it
> for 2.14, but I can only find tarballs for 2.10 & 2.12.
> As this is a new installation, I'd rather not use an "obsolete"
> version of bugzilla if I can help it.

We have fixed the master sources, but not yet made a new release.
We will be making a new release (to Perforce) soon.

Nick Barnes
P4DTI Project
Ravenbrook Limited

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