[p4] Curious how others handle interface with defect tracking without using P4DTI

Dave Gough david at ace-comp.com
Fri Oct 12 12:59:09 PDT 2001

> Rita Ozanne wrote:
> We have been toying with what is the best way to have perforce
> interface with our bug tracking system.  I don't know if we want to go
> with using P4DTI.  We are curious with what others have been doing?
> One proposal is to have users create jobs the same as the bug number.
> When they do a submit against the job, a trigger is fired that will
> put comments into the bug.
> rita

I would recommend going over P4DTI and seeing what kind of functionality
it will offer you. Our company is currently looking at new defect
tracking and change request systems, and all of the integrations I've
seen thus far with one exception (DevTrack 4.2) employ the P4DTI code.
Utilizing P4DTI may also save you headaches down the road, as well as up
front; rather than trying to engineer for yourself how exactly a trigger
will need to run or what parts of the database may need massaging for
smooth integration, P4DTI may well have the problems you'll run into
already solved and with a few more ideas you hadn't thought of.
Of course, one of the smoothest integrations I think you might be able
to create would come from a combination of P4DTI and DevTrack's method.
DevTrack integrates with Perforce by knowing all of the p4 commands and
acting as a sort of shell around them (similiar to the P4Win interface).
Rather than trying to get into Perforce's guts and mess around, it knows
Perforce's behaviours and molds itself around them. We're still testing
various methods (there's even talk of developing our own PHP/MySQL tool)
but any help you might be able to find will probably help bolster and
maintain a robust and mostly error-free integration.


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